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  • Energy-saving & Emission-reduction

    Energy-saving & Emission-reduction  

    The significance and purpose of development on waste heat power generation

    Natural resources, such as energy resources, raw matenal ,water and land resources and so on, are the base on which human beings depend to live are the matenal guarantee on which economic society rely to achieve sustainable development in most of industnes for social economy ,the industnes of steel metallurgy ,cement and glass are the important basic substances for the development of society and economy .These industries not only consume great energy, but also create lots of energy waste and environment pollution. Wuxi Guolain Huaguang Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (GHPE)has been devoting for a long tine to research, development promotion and application on waste heat power generation technology for industries of steel, metallurgy, cement and glass etc. Waste heat power generation is the technology that absorbs the heat from exhausted flue gas adequately or utilizes the chemical energy of combustible gas from exhausted flue gas, so that to con verts into power energy which can be used in production.

    For the industries steel, metallurgy ,cement and glass etc, waste heat power generation technology can greatly reduce the porchase on electric quantity or the electricity generated by captive plant via fuel combustion, so that the enterprise can reduce the energy consumption remarkably. Meanwhile it can avoid the heat island which is caused by direct exhausting of waste gas and heat, and reduce the emission of CO &CO2which is beneficial to environment protection .