• Coal-fired Power Plant Typical Scheme
  • Garbage-fired Power Plant
  • Biomass-fired Power Plant
  • Sewage, wastewater, sludge treatment
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization & Purification Technology
  • Resourceful Treatment Process for Restaurant-kitch
  • Treatment Process of Domestic Landfill Leachate
  • Energy-saving & Emission-reduction

    Biomass-fired Power Plant  

    Straw-fired Power Plant of Huaian, GHPE devotes to development and utilization of the biomass fuel, and  owns certain experience in material crushing and conveying. Biomass fuel can be used for power generation at present, like waste wood, straw, bagasse, agricultural and forestry wastes and rice husk, etc.
    GHPE has established a long-term relationship with Hongkong Zhongdian Huanyu. The first stage of 75t/h straw fired boiler has been completed and the second stage is in construction.