• Coal-fired Power Plant Typical Scheme
  • Garbage-fired Power Plant
  • Biomass-fired Power Plant
  • Sewage, wastewater, sludge treatment
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization & Purification Technology
  • Resourceful Treatment Process for Restaurant-kitch
  • Treatment Process of Domestic Landfill Leachate
  • Energy-saving & Emission-reduction

    Garbage-fired Power Plant  

    Depending on the technical superiority of Wuxi Huaguang Boiler on the incinerator, GHPE has taken the garbage or/and sludge incinerator power generation as the key point of power plant construction, and promote  aggressively the experience and mode of Huilian Incineration Co-Gengeration Plant construction. Besides the incineration technology, the technologies of garbage pretreatment, percolation treatment, & deodorization of plant environment, ash handling and flue gas cleaning etc. are the underlying advantages of the project construction.

             Panorama of Huilian Garbage-Fired Cogeneration Power Plant

    So far, the incinerators of 3×500t/d in Huilian Incineration Co-Generation Plant are under normal operation, and the preparations of the third garbage power plant with treatment capacity of 2000t/d in Wuxi have been started.

    1 垃圾仓                               
     Garbage storehouse      
    2 垃圾抓斗
     Grab bucket for garbage
    3 给料漏斗
     Feeder hopper
    4 焚烧炉
    5 一次风机
     Primary air fan
    6 二次风机
     Secondary air fan
    7 余热锅炉
    8 渣仓
      Ash storehouse
    9 发电车间
     Generation workshop
    10 烟气净化反应塔
      Reaction tower for flue gas cleaning
    11 旋风除尘器
      Cyclone dust collector
    12 布袋除尘器
      Bag filter
    13 活性碳储罐
     Active carbon tank
    14 石灰乳储罐
     Limestone storage tank
    15 引风机
      Induced draft fan
    16 烟囱
    17 冷却塔
      Cooling tower