• Achievements
  • Engineering design
  • EPC
  • Equipment supply
  • Technical reform
  • Water treatment
  • Intenaional Market
  • Sales Map

    Name Project Contect
    1 Henan Huamao Power (Gongyi) Co.,Ltd 2×25MW reform of blastfurnace 
    gas projec
    Engineering design
    2 Design and Feasibility Study for Hongyuan 
    Power Plang,Inner Mongolia
    2×465t/hCFB+2×13 heat supply uni Engineering design
    3 Preliminary scheme and construction design 
    for Hunan Zixing Pyroelectric power Co.,Ltd
    1×240t/h gangue CFB+1×60MW Engineering design
    4 Preliminary scheme for Zhenba Power Plant 
    of 2×50MW in Shanxi
    2×240t/h gangue CFB+2×50MW Engineering design
    5 Co-Generation project of Jinshan Chemicla 
    Company Lmited tin Henan
    2×130t/h gangue CFB+2×15MW Engineering design
    6 Comprehensive utilization power plant of 
    Yaojie Mining Bureau in Gansu
    2×25MW Engineering design
    7 2×75t boiler reform for Suqian Co-Generation Plan 2×12MW Engineering design
    8 Second stage of engineering design scheme for Xifei 
    Combined heat and power generation of 1×30MW HRSG 
    preliminary scheme design
    1×30MW heat recovery  generation 
    power plan
    Engineering design
    9 Aluminum Plate (box) factoryof 110kv transformer 
    substation project scheme and construction design 
    in Gongyi,Henan Design and Feasibility Study for 
    ineral Power Plant of 2×200MW CFB Co-Generation Plan
    2×200MW+2×670t/h coal gange Engineering design