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    Energy Reduction Project  

    The company extends the application of Energy Saving Technology actively and is skilled in various technologies of utilizing heat recovery and excess pressure, which applies to cement kiln HRSG, Coke Dry Quenching Boiler of steel factory, Calcium carbide HRSG and Waste gas utilization of chemical plant
    GHPE has devoted itself to the technical reform of energy saving & environmental protection of power plant for a long time. With the increasing demand for environmental protection and  Emission reduction, due to the restriction on boiler type, the coal used in the traveling grate boiler can not be burnt sufficiently because of the low heating value, much more powder, low volatile, and high sulfur content.  As the result, the carbon content in fly ash, NOX and SOX, as well as the blackness of the smoke are not satisfied with the environmental protection index.

    While the emission of SO2 of pulverized coal fired boiler without the associated Flue Gas Desulphurization Equipment exceeds the standard seriously. According to the national energy environmental protection policy, the local small power unit should be shutdown because of the deficiency in economic performance and huge waste in resource. However, regarding the co-generation and Comprehensive utilization, the country will continue to offer the support. To seek for the outlets, reduce the cost and increase the benefits, as well as meet the requirements of the environmental protection, the small power unit has a necessity to carry on the technical reform.With the increasing demand for the environmental criteria requirements and raising of the coal price, the chain boiler and pulverized coal fired boiler either should be shutdown, or ex-service in advance. Reconstruction to CFB boiler by the certain technology, or using biomass fuel instead of consumption of coal, or utilization of waste heat, exhaust gas and increasing the capacity of the power plant (if any) together with extending the service time, have been the main choices of power plant reform. The boiler reform should be base on the practical situation of the customers, and make the most of the components and equipments to reduce the working capacity and reform cost on the premise that the boiler performance could be assured.

    Through the reform of the boilers, the shortcomings of the earlier one will be conquered, the combustion efficiency and heat efficiency will be enhanced and sludge, waste garbage, straw, blast furnace gas and coal oven gas could be used as fuel. The boiler will finally become the one with high output and meeting the requirements of the environmental protection. This offers a better mode for the development of the traveling grate boiler, pulverized coal fired boiler and CFB boiler, which will bring the high socioeconomic performance.