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    Water Treatment Engineeri  

    Water treatment Business Division of GHPE comes from the water treatment business of Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd., and maximizes the historic potential as the biggest Scientific Research Center & production base. It is specialized in engineering and EPC of power plant water process, industrial waste water treatment and Municipal Sewage, and is doing the research on the Desalination system technology at present.

    We can supply the following water treatment system:300-1000MW mid-pressure condensate polishing system imported from PPMS company in USA;300-1000MW Powdex system imported from Graver Water systems;300-1000MW condensate polishing system;make up water system and control system for nuclear power plant;mechanical filter of different type,size and parameters,deaerator,cation & anion ion exchanger,vacuum carbon remover,floating bed ion exchanger, acid & caustic storate tank,and so on,totally 800 different kinds.

    The key projects include:Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant,Daqing Oil Field, Shanghai Petro-chemistry,Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant,lnner Mongolia Yuanbaoshan Power Plant,Jiangxi Fengchen Power Plant,Huanneng Yangluo Power Plant,Harbin No.3 Power Plant,Sahande Power Plant in lran,Baghdad Power Plant in lraq,Yemen Power Plant,and so on.